McGraw Hill's ENR Top Newsmakers of 2003

McGraw Hill Construction's Engineering News Record (ENR) magazine selected BitWyse Solutions, as a top newsmaker for the development of LaserGen (based on Octree's TrueSolid):

"Heralding a sea change in data collection, Mark Klusza, co-founder and president of BitWyse Solutions Inc., developed LASERGen software that quickly integrates raw laser scan data into CAD-ready computer files. The system analyzes and displays raw data within CAD files, eliminating cumbersome manual tracing or remodeled laser scans while providing clash protection. Laser scanning is poised to replace manual measurements, photogrammetry and videogrammetry as a fast, cost-effective means of collecting and utilizing data. LASERGen provides a fast, low cost platform to help speed this change." [Click here for complete article]

LaserGen uses Octree's TrueSolid core geometric and volumetric solid-modeling library.

Two earlier ENR articles discussed LaserGen:

"Another software advance is starting to rock the scanning industry with a new way of dealing with terabytes of 3D data. LASERGEN software, from BitWyse Solutions, Boston, automatically and rapidly creates CAD-ready 3D models from laser scan data, without ever actually touching the data. The software preserves the original point cloud, but masks it with an automatically generated modeling layer that uses a sampling technique to vastly speed up view processing. Users instantly can check interferences between the CAD and laser design data while they are placing pipe, equipment or structural shapes." [Click here for complete article]

Another discussed LaserGen and reconstruction in Iraq. [Click here for complete article]

Spar Point Research has published a report on BitWyse's business model. [Click here for complete article]